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Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (69793)

Course Description

Share Trading

Course Overview

The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (Course Code 69793) will equip you with the skills you need to start trading on the share market, whether you’d like a bit of extra money on the side, investment for your future, or a permanent income!

Delivered by industry professionals with over 30 years’ experience in the share market, the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment will provide skills like understanding how to analyse and use bar, candlestick, and Gann swing charts; interpreting continuation and reversal patterns to know the exact point when a trend will reverse; understanding how to trade in bull and bear markets; and many more.

The course is 100% online, so you can study anytime, anywhere, and fit your study around work or home commitments. And at the end, you’ll have a nationally recognised qualification. Enquire today to see how you can become a master of the stock market!

Career Outcomes

A Diploma of Share Trading and Investment graduate can have a career such as:

  • Stockbroker
  • Financial Dealer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Share Trader

Skills Learned

During the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, you'll learn skills like:

  • Key trading strategies
  • Analysing trends
  • Price analysis techniques
  • Recognising market phases
  • Setting up a trading account

Course Structure

The course is 100% online, so you can study wherever and whenever you like, and work at your own pace!


Module 1 - Market Analysis Tools

  • Market efficiency
  • Understanding technical analysis
  • Understanding fundamental analysis
  • Key trading strategies
  • Key elements of a successful trading plan
  • Trading software
  • Setting up a trading account
  • Using leverage to trade

Module 2 - Chart Analysis

  • Analysing price based data
  • Bar analysis
  • Volume analysis
  • How to trade using volume
  • Constructing bar charts
  • Analysing bar charts
  • Analysing candlestick charts
  • Analysing Gann swing charts

Module 3 - Trend Analysis

  • Trend analysis and trading with the trend
  • Understanding Dow Theory
  • Trading using Dow Theory
  • Applying Gann's Counter Trend Theory
  • Trading using Gann's Counter Trend Theory
  • Trading using Gann Swing Theory
  • Applying trendlines
  • The golden rules of trendlines
  • Trading using trendlines
  • Managing risk including your money management rules
  • Back testing and techniques for determining your overall profitability

Module 4 - Price Analysis

  • Support and resistance
  • Predicting support and resistance levels
  • Gann's 50% rule
  • Trading using Gann's 50% rule
  • Understanding price ranges
  • Applying Gann's price ranges and levels
  • Applying Fibonacci price levels
  • Applying price extensions and retracements
  • Using price tables
  • Trading using price analysis
  • Strategies for combining price analysis with other trading techniques to effectively trade the market

Module 5 - Pattern Analysis

  • Phases of the market
  • Understanding accumulation and distribution
  • Continuation patterns
  • Trading using reversal signals and patterns
  • Trading using volume and reversal patterns
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Reversal patterns
  • Reversal signals
  • Projecting price ranges from continuation and reversal patterns
  • Strategies for combining price and pattern to increase profits


The prerequisites for the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (Course Code 69793) are as follows:

  • Completed at least Year 10
  • Proficiency with maths, English and Microsoft Office

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