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Guide to Central TAFE Courses in Perth WA

Like many of Australia’s major cities, Perth offers its residents an outstanding quality of living. It’s made it to the top 10 of the Economist’s list of the world’s most liveable cities, and it’s been categorised as a world city, which means that it plays a vital role in the world’s economy. The high quality of the education in the city ensures that it maintains this prestigious status. TAFE in Perth provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to help the city reach its economic goals, as well as their personal professional goals, of course.

Popular TAFE Courses in Perth

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Swan River Front
Swan River Front

What TAFE study options are available to me in Perth?

Most of the TAFE institutes in Western Australia (WA) offer TAFE courses from locations in Perth. This opens up a world of study opportunities to the people of Perth, who can do anything from TAFE short courses to degree courses.

Other options include classroom-based courses, online courses, on-the-job-training, workplace training, part-time courses, full-time courses, and blended learning.

Semester courses

Most of the TAFE courses (certificates – advanced diplomas) are offered on a semester basis. Modules or course units follow a logical order, so you can’t mix up your course as you see fit. One of the advantages of this is that you can build your course at your own pace, step-by-step if you so choose.

Some short courses also follow a semester-based schedule; for example, you may only be able to do introduction and intermediate levels of a certain courses in the first semester, and the advanced and expert courses in the second semester.

Short courses

Short courses can be divided into categories: recreational (or creative) and professional (or industry). The two can overlap to a certain degree, however, as some of the courses that are deemed creative can be used in a professional context (think of the variety of sewing courses available) and some that are deemed industry can be used in a personal context (think of the beauty short courses available).

Short courses can last from anything between three hours and three months, sometimes or more.

Correspondence courses

These days, many people prefer to study via correspondence or distance learning. As a result, TAFE course providers in Perth have steadily increased the number of online courses available. Now, thanks to innovative technology that creates interactive and engaging virtual classrooms, and which allows massive amounts of study material to be transmitted via the web, even practical courses can be taken online. Although, they usually also include face-to-face requirements.

Perth TAFE Institutions

You have some choices to make if you want to register for TAFE courses in Perth. This is because of the many institutes that have locations in the city.

Central Institute of Technology

Central Institute of Technology is committed to providing students in Perth with quality TAFE qualifications that are highly relevant to their chosen jobs. It has established strong ties with industry leaders in several fields to ensure that course material is always current and immediately applicable. This is so students don’t feel all at sea when they enter the real world, and so employers benefit from new recruits who don’t have to undergo an adjustment period between school and work. Ties are particularly strong in the following industries:

  • Aged Care
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Disability Workforce Training
  • Finance & Property
  • Local Government
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Mining Industry
  • Printing & Graphic Arts
  • Sport, Recreation & Fitness

Ford Ranger Cup One Day Cricket - Western Australia vs Queensland

Ford Ranger Cup One Day Cricket – Western Australia vs Queensland

The courses on offer differ at the different campuses around Perth. Examples of the courses available at the different campuses include:

Central TAFE Perth Campus

  • Certificate III in Financial Services
  • Certificate IV in Project Management
  • Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration
  • Advanced Diploma of Photography
  • Advanced Diploma of Travel & Tourism

Central TAFE Leederville Campus

  • Certificate II in Business
  • Certificate III in Aged Care
  • Certificate IV in Mental Health
  • Diploma of Education Support
  • Advanced Diploma of Music Business

Central TAFE East Perth Campus

  • Certificate II in Sampling & Measurement (Laboratory Operations)
  • Certificate III in Mining Exploration
  • Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety
  • Diploma of Software Development
  • Advanced Diploma of Electronics & Communications Engineering

Central TAFE Mount Lawley Campus

  • Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
  • Certificate IV in Health Administration
  • Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-Division 2 Nursing)

Central TAFE Nedlands Campus

  • Certificate III in Dental Assisting
  • Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Dental Radiography)
  • Diploma of Dental Technology

Challenger Institute of Technology

Challenger Institute of Technology has several campuses and TAFE learning centres in Perth, five of which are based in Fremantle. If you want to study IT, communication, maritime, hospitality, tourism, food & beverage, and beauty, then Fremantle will be your home. If you’re thinking of entering the construction industry, on the other hand, Rockingham is the place to be. Other locations include Applecross (Heathcote Campus), Mundijong, Munster, and Murdoch.

Challenger Institute offers TAFE students pathways to three universities: Curtin University, Murdoch University, and University of Ballarat (Victoria).

A sample of the TAFE Certificate and Diploma courses available includes:

  • Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design & Technology
  • Certificate II in Retail, Makeup & Skincare
  • Certificate III in Visual Arts
  • Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking
  • Certificate IV in Marketing
  • Diploma of Events
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design
  • Advanced Diploma of Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting

A sample of the short courses available includes:

  • Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners
  • Automotive Air Conditioning System
  • MYOB Essentials
  • Waxing, Tinting & Lash Perming
  • MS Excel 2010 (Introduction and Intermediate)
  • Gas Servicing G-Class Permit
  • Digital Photography: Advanced Creative Techniques
  • Coded Welding
  • Cooking: Italian Cuisine
  • Aromatherapy Blending & Massage
  • Operate & Maintain Chainsaws
  • French (Level 1 & 2)
  • Meditation for Busy People
  • Medical First Aid
CPR training-05
CPR Training

Polytechnic West

Polytechnic West provides the full spectrum of TAFE courses to students in Perth, including:

  • Apprenticeships, with on-the-job and off-the-job training

A sample of apprenticeship courses includes Certificate II in Animal Studies, Certificate II in Business, Certificate II in Engineering, Certificate II in Hairdressing, Certificate III in Accounts Administration, Certificate III in Bricklaying (Housing), Certificate III in Education Support, Certificate IV in Accounting, Certificate IV in Children’s Services (Outside School Hours Care), Certificate IV in Information Technology Support, Diploma of Engineering – Technical (Mechanical CAD), and Diploma of Management.

  • Higher education courses

Higher education courses offered by Polytechnic West include: Associate Degree of Fashion Business, Associate Degree of Business, Associate Degree of Network Technology, Associate Degree of Software Development (Mobile Applications), Diploma of Network Technology, Diploma of Programming (Applications), and Associate Degree of Hospitality Management.

  • Short courses

A sample of short courses includes: Flower Arranging, Car Maintenance, Acrylic Nails, Start Your Own Online Business, Cake Decorating – Beginners, Public Speaking, Photoshop Introduction, Wine Appreciation, Aromatherapy, Russian Level 1, Reflexology, Pet Grooming, Digital Photography for Compact and SLR Cameras, Brick Paving, and Sewing – Dressmaking.

West Coast Institute of Training

West Coast Institute of Training offers TAFE courses in Commerce & Technology, Health, Education & Social Sciences, Hospitality & Tourism, and Trades. It offers pathways to Edith Cowan University, Curtin University, and University of Ballarat. Courses are geared towards school leavers and non-school leavers (those returning after years at work).

A sample of the courses available includes:

  • Certificate II in Retail Make-up & Skin Care
  • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (Apprenticeship)
  • Certificate IV in Education Support
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking
  • Diploma of Marketing
  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Perth for Students

Perth is one of the sunniest cities in the world, which is only one reason why students flock to the city. It’s got a great public transport system that ferries students to and from classes and any other activities and attractions that the city has to offer. And there are plenty of activities and attractions. Perth boasts a vast number of sports clubs, gyms, museums, galleries, theatres, restaurants, cinemas, beaches, parks, and gardens, so you’ve got options no matter how you like to spend your down time.