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Mining is Australia’s Backbone

If you want to get into mining in Australia, you’re almost spoilt for choice. Throughout Australia’s history there have been mines for silver, copper, lead, gold, coal, diamonds, opals and, these days, natural gas. Australia’s mining industry is so strong that it accounts for the lion’s share of international ore and mineral exports. Mining also provides the lion’s share of jobs in Australia, which means that mining courses online and on-campus are hot in demand.

One of the most prestigious, as well as challenging, mining careers is engineering. Mining provides a platform for a lot of engineers to shine – electrical, civil, mechanical and chemical – but mining engineering encompasses aspects of all of these. It doesn’t stop there, however, as online and classroom-based mine engineering degrees also have to include courses on the environmental impact of mining, geology and health and safety.

  • A new mine engineering graduate will earn in the region of AU$55,000 – AU$95,000.
  • An experienced mining engineer can earn in the region of AU$85,000 – AU$130,000.
  • A senior mining engineer can expect to earn a salary of between AU$110,000 and AU$145,000.

A project engineer can expect to earn something between AU$75,000 and AU$125,000.

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Studying Mining Engineering in Australia

You can earn your mining engineering degree at some of Australia’s most prestigious and respected schools.

Universities that offer mine engineering courses include:

  • University of New South Wales

UNSW offers a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering), which is recognised by the Institution of Engineers (Australia) and the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM).

The Bachelor degree leads to several postgraduate options, including Master of Mining Engineering, Graduate Diploma in Mining Engineering, and Graduate Certificate in Mining Engineering.

You can also study postgraduate mining courses online; for example, the Master of Engineering and the Graduate Diploma of Mining Engineering.

UNSW also offers short courses related to mining engineering which are great for continuing professional development.

Curtin University

So you are mining engineer.

Curtin University also offers a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering), as well as a string of postgraduate mining courses and courses related to the mining industry. For example, there is the Graduate Diploma in Mining, Master of Engineering Science (Mining), Graduate Certificate in Mining Geomechanics, Master of Engineering Science (Metallurgy), and Graduate Certificate in Mineral and Energy Economics.

University of Queensland

UQ offers a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) degree, as well as a Master of Engineering (Chemical and Metallurgical), and Graduate Diploma in Mineral Resources.

University of Western Australia

UWA offers an Engineering Science degree with your choice of specialisation, one of which is mining. It leads to a Masters in Professional Engineering degree, again with your choice of specialisation – mining.

While some mining engineering courses are available as distance education courses online, it’s important to remember that it is essentially a practical profession, so you the courses will have practical components. Some online foundation courses and even some TAFE courses (e.g. Advanced Diploma of Engineering – Mechanical and Advanced Diploma of Engineering – Oil and Gas) are recognised by certain higher education schools. View our range of mining engineering courses.