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The ultimate guide to Wodonga TAFE

The Wodonga Institute of TAFE is one of Australia’s premiere education campuses, specialising in practical, hands-on training. Established in 1986 in the twin cities of Albury Wodonga on the border of Victoria and New South Wales, Wodonga TAFE has grown to deliver over 2.5 million student contact hours in training every year.

Wodonga TAFE has top-level training facilities that prepare students for the real world of work, including the National Industrial Skills Training Centre and Motorsports Training Australia. These facilities and classrooms are set within a leafy campus environment with cafes, restaurants, computer labs and student centres all within easy reach, creating an atmosphere of focused learning and enjoyment.

Popular Wodonga TAFE Courses

A wide choice of practical courses

Wodonga TAFE’s courses are designed to prepare students to land a job, keep it and advance their careers. Employers value people with skills and experience, and at Wodonga TAFE we provide our students with both through a combination of world-class facilities and a brains trust of highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Wodonga TAFE’s emphasis is hands-on experience, supported by classwork and private study – a mix of work that prepares students to excel right from their first day on the job. Our on campus courses are pooled into 12 study areas, which contain numerous options to further learning and experience:

Agriculture, Environment and Horticulture

The Agriculture, Environment and Horticulture study field is designed to train students in wide range of outdoor professions, including Sports Turf Management, Parks and Gardens and Agriculture. If you love the outdoors then our courses will let you roll your sleeves up and get stuck in.

Arts, Creative Design and Digital Media

At Wodonga TAFE, our courses in Arts, Creative Design and Digital Media equip students with skill, vision and experience to work successfully in artistic fields such as photography, graphic design and sound engineering. Talent will only take you so far – Wodonga TAFE’s hands-on courses can take you further.

Business, IT, Retail and Technology

The word of business can be cut throat, but graduates of Wodonga TAFE’s Business, IT, Retail and Technology courses gain razor sharp skills that set them up to succeed. Working with some of Australia’s top brands and companies, students gain valuable real life experience in courses ranging from Management, Marketing and Sales to Business and Small Business Skills.

Transport, Warehousing and Logistics

Wodonga TAFE hosts the National Industrial Skills Training Centre, a world class facility that trains students in two major course groups – Civil Construction, Traffic Design and Forestry as well as Transport, Warehousing and Logistics. With a focus on actual hands-on training, graduates gain valuable skills to become competent operators that are highly regarded by industry.

Education and Language

The advance of technology has shrunk the world and language skills and education have emerged as key skills and services. Wodonga TAFE’s Education and Language courses equip students with English language skills for work, day-to-day life and further study. We also offer courses that can advance students in further learning such as the VCAL.

Engineering, Architecture, Sustainability and Timber

The built environment and the management and use of natural resources are the focus of Wodonga TAFE’s Engineering, Architecture, Sustainability and Timber courses, which range from Auto CAD design to cabinet and furniture making, along with welding and blacksmith, carpentry and telecommunications cabling.

Fitness and Outdoor Recreation

Fitness and Outdoor Recreation focuses on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle with courses in fitness training and outdoor skills such as becoming a bushwalking guide, Wilderness First Aid and working with youth.

Hair and Fashion

Hair and Fashion is a big industry in Australia that prizes hands-on experience and the ability to execute skills quickly. Wodonga TAFE’s hands on courses in everything from fashion design to hairdressing prepare students for these fast moving industries.

Health and Community

Nursing, Aged Care, First Aid, Mental Health, Occupational Health and Safety – these are just some of the vital Health and Community courses taught at Wodonga TAFE. There is great demand for highly trained people in these fields, and our courses are run in conjunction with some of Australia’s top health care and safety providers to give our students that extra real world edge.

Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Hospitality, Tourism and Events are three of Australia’s biggest and most lucrative industries, and graduates of the courses at Wodonga TAFE are ready made to excel in these fields. Study options range from Baking and Cookery to learning Outdoor Recreation skills for the tourism sector.

Motorsports and Motorcycle

Whether you’re looking to qualify for a motorcycle license or work in the pit lane at the V8 Supercars, Wodonga TAFE’s Motorsports and Motorcycle courses will satisfy the most ardent petrol head.

The Motorsports Training Australia (MTA) facility is a real world racing hub that will hurl you around the track and teach the technical wizardry of racing, while the Driver Education Centre of Australia (DECA) brings hands on steering wheel experience.

Go online and get busy

View all TAFE courses online here

Wodonga TAFE prizes hands-on learning, but our classroom work is second to none with top quality course materials that truly reflect real world situations and prepare students to thoroughly master them.

Many of our classroom courses are now available online and are a serious alternative to coming on to campus. They can be studied in your spare time and we provide all the support you need to complete them successfully.

Right now you can study the following courses from Wodonga TAFE online:

• Agriculture, Environment & Horticulture, Art
• Creative Design & Digital Media
• Business, IT, Retail & Technology
• Education & Language
• Engineering, Architecture, Sustainability & Timber
• Health & Community and Hospitality
• Tourism & Events

We hope to add more courses in the future and see online study as a convenient, effective and fun way to learn new skills that can win you a job.

No concrete jungle at Wodonga TAFE

Many education campuses can make you feel like you’re learning inside a concrete jungle. But Wodonga TAFE has been designed from the ground up to reflect and enhance the natural beauty it’s surrounded by, creating a tranquil place to learn your craft or calling.

The peaceful waters of the Felltimber Creek wind through the campus and its banks have been revitalised with a revegetation and stabilisation programme; just one part of the efforts we make to beautify the environment for our students and staff.

Doing your homework is a breeze

On campus at Wodonga TAFE there is a strong Wi-Fi network so you can stay in touch and get your work done easily, during class and during down time.

There are many places to study quietly, including the world class David Mann Library, which is jointly used with La Trobe University, Albury-Wodonga and the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre library offers both physical and electronic resources that will guide your learning.

There’s also LIRNspace, a grid of 30 networked computer workstations with internet access and printer facilities. It’s an ideal place to study, do research and complete assignments and it’s open every day during business hours. (

Work/life balance on campus

Campus life at Wodonga TAFE is not just about work. Sometimes we need to let off steam, recharge our batteries or get support to keep our studies on track.

Wodonga TAFE has a cafeteria serving wholesome meals and quick snacks with indoor and outdoor seating. It’s the perfect place to pick up your energy levels and meet friends. There’s also The Hangar, a student lounge run by the Wodonga Student Association with coffee lounge, outdoor entertainment area and a gym to help you stay in shape.

For something more substantial, check out The Valleys restaurant, a modern training facility for those studying hospitality, event management and cookery that also puts on a delicious lunch.

If you are studying while also raising children, Wodonga TAFE’s Kids on Campus Childcare Centre can help with fully-accredited long day care for children from six weeks of age to school age.

Kids on Campus is open 50 weeks each year, Monday to Friday, and is a great help for mothers and fathers juggling family life and study.

Wodonga TAFE has on-site car parking for staff and students, as well as an on-campus security service. If you’re on campus in the evenings, an after hours security service is also available.

Living on campus is the perfect balance

Wodonga TAFE is a great place to study because it’s also a great place to live.

Students can apply to live on campus at our 69-room residential complex, which is shared with La Trobe University. There are 12 fully furnished units within the complex housing between four and six people. There’s also one unit that’s fully accessible for people with a physical disability. Priority for a place is given to full-time, first-year students who are recent school leavers and international students.

There are also scores of accommodation options in the surrounding areas of the Albury Wodonga region, and Wodonga TAFE’s Residential Coordinator can give expert advice on finding the perfect place to live while you study, from a shared house to living with a host family.

Part time work, training and apprenticeships

Wodonga TAFE’s focus is to provide an environment that supports learning and life, and we understand the need to support yourself while you study.

So if you’re undertaking the national Australian Apprenticeship Program (including traineeships and traditional apprenticeships), Wodonga Institute of TAFE offers flexible, work-based training and assessment to support your efforts. (

And if you’re keen to work for Wodonga TAFE, we offer many part time job opportunities as well as full time work for qualified staff. Check out our jobs page for more information. (

Get in touch with Wodonga TAFE

Wodonga TAFE is ready to help you gain the real world skills and experience you need to succeed in your chosen field. Our wide range of courses taught both online and on campus are designed to prepare you thoroughly for the first day of work and far beyond, with excellent course materials, hands-on learning in top class facilities and top tier teachers guiding the way.

You can also stop by during business hours at the campus, located at 87 McKoy Street, West Wodonga 3690.