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Many creative people find outlets in careers that involve design. This has led to the availability of a wide variety of design courses, such as interior design courses and graphic design courses. Now Learning promotes a number of online and classroom-based design courses throughout Australia, ranging from TAFE certificates in web design to short online courses in interior design. Other courses available include certificates in landscaping and garden design, and short courses in fashion design. The nice thing about a graphic design course is that it allows you to work in a number of different industries, including publishing and film. An interior design course is slightly more restrictive, but, only if you choose to see it that way. There are many areas of specialisation, and don’t let’s forget about the demand for interior design reality TV shows; you could be a star. Online graphic design courses, any online design courses really, allow you to work on your own style and develop your creativity while learning all the essential theory and principles behind this thriving industry.
Design is an incredibly diverse field that encompasses careers as varied as web design, jewellery design, landscape design and industrial design. The education requirements of each sub-section of design vary. For example, in some circumstances a TAFE diploma course in interior design is sufficient to establish a successful career. However, other jobs may require you to have completed postgraduate graphic design courses if you want to be taken seriously. Bear in mind that not all qualifications are created equal, so a graphic design course from one provider may not be as laudable as another. This a particular danger with online graphic design courses and even online interior design courses, as it’s easy for fly-by-night companies to attract customers with a formal-looking certificate and a credible-sounding name. You don’t have to worry about the credentials of the course providers on Now Learning, as all of our courses, from 12-month fashion design courses to short jewellery design courses, are from registered and approved education providers. So you can continue your search for interior design courses in peace.

You can find the full ambit of accredited design courses on Now Learning, from interior design short courses in Sydney to online fashion design courses in Adelaide, as well as web design and graphic design degrees in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Use our course provider to find what you’re looking for.