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Government Funded Courses

The Australian government is dedicated to eradicating the country’s skills shortage. A critical part of the plan is to provide a variety of funding options and incentives for students of all ages. There are a number of government funded courses available from TAFE institutes and universities across Australia. Many of the options are related to business. For example, government funded courses in QLD include Certificate IV in Small Business Management, government funded courses in NSW include Diploma of Project Management, and government funded courses in Victoria include Certificate III in Business Administration. Business subjects also comprise the bulk of government funded online courses, which may be more convenient for people who have already got full-time or part-time jobs. You can contact learning institutions to find out whether you’re eligible for a government funded course.

The various government funding options available include:

  • Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program: Provides incentives for existing worker traineeships, and traineeships for new entrants. New entrant incentives are marginally greater than those for existing workers.
  • Productivity Places Program: Allows employers to save 90% on course fees.
  • Strategic Skills Program: Subsidises vocational skills training.
  • User Choice: Provides funding and incentives to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) cross Australia.
  • Investing in Experience – Skills Recognition and Training: Provides funding to mature students (over 50 years old) and allows mature workers to upgrade their skills to Advanced Diplomas.

National Workforce Development Program: Designed to help businesses identify skills needs and get funding to provide training to employees to improve upon their skills so they can meet the skills needs.

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Courses covered

Government funded courses are available from TAFE Certificate to Advanced Diploma level. In some cases courses will be funded by state government departments (e.g., the Departments of Education in QLD, NSW, and Victoria), while others receive national government funding. Online and classroom-based courses are both funded by government. You’ll find at least one government funded course in the majority of industries.

For example:

Government funded healthcare courses:

Government funded business courses:

Statements of Achievement:

  • Sustainable Agriculture

Advanced Permaculture

Education Reform: Insert your favorite “Wrath of Khan” joke blog title here


Government funded education and training courses are available to Australian citizens or permanent residents who are over 15 years old. Funding is primarily aimed at job seekers, but is also available for those who are employed, as evidenced by the programs available. In some cases the full course fees are covered, in others they are subsidised, and in others only an enrollment fee is required. It depends on the course, the program and the RTO. Requirements may differ from state to state, so it’s best to contact the relevant authorities to find out about the differences in government funded training in QLD, Victoria, and NSW, etc.

Other funding and incentive programs include:

  • VET FEE-HELP, which is effectively a student loan that covers all or a portion of study costs.
  • Funding for Aged Care Workers

Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Program