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Counselling Courses

Counselling is a rewarding career with various avenues of speciality. promotes a diverse range of counselling courses from some of the best tertiary education providers in Australia. For example, there are campus-based counselling courses at Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, while counselling courses in Melbourne are available at Victoria University and Swinburne University of Technology, and TAFE NSW in Sydney has counselling courses, short courses and diplomas. Counselling courses online are also varied and include the following areas: aged care, grief, and family counselling, and relationship counselling.

Many people underestimate the skills needed to be a good counsellor. They think that counselling courses are easy, and they can be especially dismissive of counselling courses online. They couldn’t be more wrong. A counselling course has to balance theory related to emotional and cognitive development and processes, behaviour, and biochemistry with practical training in counselling situations. This is because all the theory in the world doesn’t prepare you for coming face-to-face with a devastated widow or a truculent, borderline delinquent teenage boy. TAFE counselling courses in Sydney and diploma counselling courses in Brisbane are structured to provide that balance. On the continuing education side of things, short counselling courses in Melbourne, or from any other TAFE institute or university, keep you up-to-date with current developments and breakthroughs.

There are a number of routes leading to a career in counselling. For example, you can complete a TAFE diploma in counselling, which will allow you undertake work as a general counsellor. You could even use it to open your own practice. If you do want to go into private practice, however, you should ideally have an honours degree and preferably a master’s.

You can also complete counselling courses part-time, so you can work within a counselling environment (or at any other job in which you happen to be) while you study. This is makes studying more affordable, which means that it is accessible to more people.

If you’re a naturally good listener and have a deep-seated desire to help people get over grief, trauma, or personal turmoil, then perhaps you should consider classroom-based or online counselling courses that are available in all the major cities of Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Use our course finder to find a counselling course that suits you.