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Community Services Courses

Community services is a loose term that incorporates things like counselling, allied health assistance, and aged care. promotes a variety of online and classroom-based community service training courses in Australia. So, no matter what aspect of healthcare or wellbeing you’re interested, you’ll be able to find a course that suits you.

Many people go into community services to answer a personal calling. They seldom go into it for the money, especially if they plan on working for non-profit organisations. That’s not to say that there isn’t money to be made once you’ve completed your community service training. Some qualifications, like diplomas in nutrition and medical practice, can land you lucrative jobs. They can also allow you to set up your own practice, and, as you know, there is big money to be made in private practice.

TAFE certificates are a good way to start community service training, as they give you all the basics you need to find entry level jobs in healthcare, including podiatry, medical assistance and occupational therapy. They have also help you decide if you want to take your training further and get an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in public health or youth work, for example.

TAFE community service certificates and diplomas are also great because they provide a good blend of theory and practical experience, so that you don’t feel out of depth when you get your first job. Furthermore, they can be completed part-time and online, so that you have the freedom to work and study if necessary.

People always need to be cared for, whether they’re in an aged care facility, in hospital, or at a counselling centre. This means that there are plenty of jobs available in the public and private sectors. You can be as hands on (dental care) or as hands off (medical statistics) as you want. How closely you work with people is up to you, but it’s important for anyone in the community services industry to find a good balance between work and home and to never take their work home with them.

If you love working with people, or if you find healthcare and wellbeing fascinating, you should use our course finder to find community service training providers in a city near you.