About Advertising

Are you interested in social media, public relations, and new media styles? Advertising covers a huge range of areas due to their being a variety of types of advertising. Doing a course in advertising can help you get ahead in a new career, or give you a boost in your current career.

What is advertising?

Advertising is a form of marketing communication that aims to sell a product or service to potential customers. Depending on the marketing strategy involved, it may involve digital advertising, search engines and optimisations, media releases and a whole host of other tools to deliver a defined message. 

Why should I do an advertising course?

Doing an advertising course can help you gain knowledge in one of many advertising practices, or help you understand advertising overall before committing to a full university degree or longer course.

With so many different types of advertising, decision making in regards to specialisation can be difficult. If you already work in the advertising industry you may want to work with a specific target market or target audience, exclusively with online advertising or with media releases. Doing a specific course can help you get ahead in your area of specialisation, and show both current and potential employers that you’re serious about successful advertising in your area of specialisation. 

Equally, if you’re not certain working for an advertising agency or in another advertising space is for you, then doing a course can help you decide if you think you’ll campanulate successful advertising campaigns.

What you’ll learn in an advertising course:

Depending on what course you do, you may learn about:

  • Advertising to a different target market outside of the Melbourne and Sydney bubble, such as New Zealand or China
  • New marketing tools like email marketing and SEO’s
  • Organisations like the ACCC (the Australian competition and consumer commission)
  • Australian competition from overseas companies 
  • What creates successful advertising campaigns
  • Programs commonly used in advertising like content skip
  • Using pop-up culture to improve reach
  • Common advertising phrases and their appropriate usage
  • Digital platforms and their usage in advertising

Advertising can be as simple as printing flyers and sticking them on people’s windscreens, or as complicated as running multiple TV, radio, print and online advertising campaigns. If your career entails advertising in any form you should consider completing some of the advertising courses promoted by Tafecourses.com.au.

If you’re interested in getting ahead in the advertising industry or want to determine if it’s for you before committing to a full degree, then a short course may be the perfect option for you. Browse our list of available courses to get started on your future today!