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What is Plumbing?

Plumbing is the art of installing, fixing and maintaining a wide variety of pipes, fixtures, tanks, and mechanical systems used for heating, cooling, draining, ventilation, sewerage, gas and water.

The average day for plumbers will often be spent working alone, and daily tasks can consist of anything from studying blueprints, liaising with clients and installing drainage systems through to dealing with emergency leaks and conducting scheduled maintenance.

Plumbing in Australia

The demand for plumbers in Australia has never been greater; in fact, it has risen every year for the past five consecutive years, with close to 90,000 plumbers working across the country.

Many of Australia’s plumbers start their careers through a plumbing apprenticeship, which usually involve 4-5 years of in-class and on-the-job training. To work as a plumber,  you’ll need to be licenced and registered with the appropriate local authority. While licencing requirements vary from state to state, this often requires having completed at least a Certificate III plumbing course.

The average working week is 40.5 hours long, with 93.2% of Australia’s plumbers work full-time, and the majority are in Victoria (29.3%), New South Wales (27.3%) and Queensland (20.6%). The average age for a plumber is 33 years old, and the average salary right now is $ 52,000 annually.

Getting Trained Through a Plumbing Course

Whether you’re looking for plumbing pre-apprenticeship programs, are a plumbing apprentice in need of a certificate or a professional seeking to expand existing skills; you’ve come to the right place.


The best way to get started is by taking a TAFE plumbing certificate because apart from being a requirement of most plumber apprenticeship programs and licences in Australia, you’ll get a sound basis of the theory and practical skills plumbers require daily. Most certificates will also cover the basics of providing quality customer service as well as the art of estimating the time and cost of your work, making it a great first step towards an apprenticeship in plumbing or perhaps even starting your own business one day.


If you’d like to get trained up in speciality plumbing skills or move into management roles, a Diploma of Plumbing will hold you in good stead. Here you’ll tackle topics ranging from fire services, air conditioning, and mechanical services through to plumbing and services management. Best of all, you’ll graduate ready for roles with higher pay and greater responsibilities, such as senior plumber, fire services technician, and plumbing manager.

Regardless of how far you’d like to go with your plumbing career TAFE makes getting started easy, because not only is every program designed to meet national standards, but you can choose to get trained up in plumbing courses online or in-class.

So, whether you’re interested in a plumbing apprenticeship in Melbourne, plumber training in Sydney, or online, you’re sure to find a range of quality options here at

Career Prospects in Plumbing

Plumbing is an essential service that helps us in our daily lives. Their services are almost always needed, whether to install a water system or to fix those common problems in our plumbing.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has tipped the plumbing industry to continue to have an above average level of job openings for the next five years, with as many as 94,900 plumbers expected to be working throughout Australia by 2020.

Is a Career in Plumbing Right for You?

To enjoy a successful career in plumbing you need to enjoy working with your hands, have a strong work ethic and not opposed to getting dirty. You will also need to have above average problem-solving skills, be skilled in the art of critical thinking, and be fit and strong enough to handle physical work all day long.

The following skills will also be required:

  • Logical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Quality communication
  • Sound judgement

Think you’d be perfect for a career as a professional plumber in Australia? If so, let’s get you started then, directly compare those many fantastic training options, find your course, and get your career in plumbing started today!