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What is Event Management?

Event Management is the art of planning, coordinating and running a wide variety of events; from weddings, parties and conferences to festivals, summits and fireworks displays. Event managers work in the world of fashion, sport, retail, government, hospitality and entertainment, as well as for any business large or small that regularly holds events.

Event managers are responsible for planning the theme, design and layout of an event. They also line up venues, food, staff and ensure that every, dish, light and décor are perfect. There’s also plenty of time spent promoting the events as well as doing everything possible to ensure that the client’s expectations are exceeded at every turn.

Event Management in Australia

Australia’s event management industry is one of the world’s best. There are currently 27,000 event managers and coordinators working across the country, most of who are based in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The average salary for an event manager is $68,484 per year with the average work week being 40.4 hours long. Long days, weekend work and late nights can also be expected in the lead-up to a big event.

Event Management Courses

While you don’t need formal training to organise an event, if you’d like your events to be memorable for all the right reasons, the right training and qualifications are a must. Check out the different levels of event management courses you can do today, and get started with confidence in this exciting and dynamic career.


Certificates in event management are ideal for those looking for entry-level roles. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of professional event management, such as choosing venues, planning catering, coordinating speakers, entertainment, as well as the art of creating event themes and concepts. Some even management courses even let you focus your learning on an area of interest, such as weddings or corporate functions. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of the world’s major events, and a certificate is a great place to work out the logistics and planning processes that go on.


If you have your heart set on working as an event planner, a venue coordinator or even running your own event-based business, completing a Diploma of Event Management can open a world of possibilities in this fun, dynamic industry. These nationally recognised courses cover everything from coordinating staff to managing budgets and promoting your own events, so you’ll emerge ready to manage anything from weddings and parties to community festivals. Many diploma even management courses include a work placement element under supervision. These work well to develop the practical skills needed, as well as see how the skills are applied in a real- world environment.

Bachelor Degree

If you’d like to work on some of the world’s biggest events, such as G8 Summits, World Economic Forums, or even the Olympics, a bachelor level degree will give you the skills, confidence and qualifications you’ll need. Mnay even management professionals undergo a Bachelor of Business (Event Management). Here you’ll learn all about facility management, risk assessment and event logistics, as well as how to secure event sponsorship and tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact. the great part about these courses, is that by majoring in a speciality area, you also get all the business know- how needed across any industry, so the skills are easily transferable. Most importantly, you’ll graduate ready to step into high-level roles as an events manager, fundraising manager and conference manager.

Is Event Management Right for You?

To thrive in this fast-paced profession, you’ll need to love working with people as just about every aspect of the job involves communicating and collaborating with others. You also need to have a big-picture perspective, meticulous to detail and can work under pressure.

Think you’ve got what it takes to bring memorable events to life on a day-to-day basis? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because we can connect you with the training you need to carve a successful path in this fun and exciting career.

We advertise both in-class and online event planning TAFE courses, many of which can be started at any time and some are even eligible for financial assistance. So, don’t just sit there, find your course, enquire now and start your career in event management today!