Conservation Courses

Australian flora and fauna is an integral part of what makes this nation so spectacular. Specialists in environmental science, natural area restoration and related fields are necessary to keep the country’s stunning natural surroundings in peak condition, by way of revegetating, eliminating pests and conducting regular landcare.

By taking a conservation and land management course, you can embark upon a rewarding career in the conservation and land management industry, giving back to your community and the land we are lucky to call home. Those with the relevant qualifications will also find that they are highly sought-after by countless government and private employers due to the pressing environmental concerns affecting the nation.

Conservation and land management course inclusions

Through a conservation and land management course, you will undertake field work and theory on weed and pest management, revegetation works, plant identification, natural resource management, indigenous land management and sustainable work practices. You can expect to go on regular field trips and have access to traineeships, learning from Aboriginal communities and industry professionals alike.

From working in the country’s vast national parks to engaging in community services, a certificate or degree in conservation and land management opens the door to a rich and rewarding career. With constant environmental challenges facing the nation, those qualified in conservation and land management can enjoy a dynamic career in an in-demand field.

Conservation and land management courses

From full-time degrees to part-time short courses at an RTO, there are a number of study pathways in the conservation and land management arena. A rich and diverse career is on the cards for those who undertake higher education in this arena, with some available courses including:

  • Certificate III in Horticulture
  • Certificate III in Agriculture
  • Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management

Entry requirements are usually not a barrier in conservation and land management courses, although recognition of prior learning is available.

Conservation and land management jobs

A certification or degree in conservation and land management allows you to work in a number of professions. Due to the abundance of nature throughout the country, you have the potential to work almost anywhere in the country, from the parklands of Victoria to the rainforests of far-north Queensland. Some of these roles include:

  • Land Manager
  • Park Ranger
  • Site Assessor
  • Water Quality Assessor
  • Environmental Field Officer
  • Natural Resource Management Team Leader