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What is Web Development?

Web development is the art of creating and maintaining high-quality websites and applications.

While web designers specialise in making a site look great, web developers are tasked with turning those creative ideas into a fully functioning site. This not only includes designing, building and testing a site’s layout, structure and usability; but, requires an in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript.

Web developers can work for anyone from businesses and organisations to government departments on a full or part-time basis and an increasing number are now choosing to work for themselves as independent contractors.

Web Development in Australia

Australian businesses and organisations have taken to the internet in huge numbers in recent years, which has led to a massive spike in the demand for quality web developers. In fact, not only are there now more than 14,000 web developers working across the country, but Australia’s e-commerce market is predicted to be worth more than $32 billion in 2017.

The average work-week for Australia’s web developer is 39.3 hours long, most of which involves working regular business hours in front of a computer. Most jobs are in Victoria (35.4%) and New South Wales (30.8%) and the average salary is $66,000 every year.

Web Development Courses

If you expect even small businesses to trust you with their precious websites, you’ll need to be armed with the latest skills, knowledge and training to prove you have what it takes to handle most businesses’ most valuable commodity. Whether you’re looking for web development training in Brisbane, web design courses in Sydney, or a web development course online, there are many different web development course options available country- wise, no matter your needs.


Those interested in building and maintaining their own website, or perhaps even learning more about digital marketing, will be well served by a Certificate in Website Development. Here you’ll learn the basics of common programming languages, get up to speed on site navigation, and master the art of building websites that generate traffic.


Got some web developing experience or knowledge already under your belt? If so, consider a diploma level course, such as a Diploma of Database Design and Development. These nationally recognised programs cover everything from developing website architecture and graphical user interfaces through to the latest in web technology trends.

Bachelor Degree

If you have your eye on management level roles in web development or thinking of starting your own business, investing in a bachelor degree is a wise move. These in depth courses will take your talent for website creation and coding to a whole new level by covering topics such as security, project management and eBusiness right through to information systems design.

The wide range of courses advertised span everything from web design courses in Melbourne to web development programs in Perth, and if you are searching for web development and/or web design courses online, we have plenty of great options for you too.

Career Prospects in Web Development

Now that more than four billion people worldwide own a smartphone, with almost two billion of those active social media users; talented web developers have never been needed more.

According to Australian Government data, up to 53,000 web developers are expected to be working across the country by the year 2020, which means there will be no shortage of opportunities for skilled and qualified graduates.

Is a Career in Web Development Right for You?

It takes far more than just a love of computers to enjoy a successful career in web development, although this is certainly a good start – the following skills and qualities will go a long way as well;

  • Above-average math skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear communication
  • An open mind
  • Quality time management

Are you ready to dive into the world of web development and get cracking on some coding? If so, you’ll find a course to suit your unique needs right here. So, what are you waiting for? Start today!