What is Tourism?

The tourism industry encompasses every element involved in supporting a trip away from home, regardless of whether it’s for business or pleasure. It includes everything from accommodation, transportation, tours and recreational activities through to a wide range of entertainment services.

Roles in tourism can include anything from working on a cruise ship, managing a resort and leading tours through to teaching people how to surf, writing about travel destinations or organising the many details involved in those amazing trips.

Tourism in Australia

Australia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations with more than 7.4 million people having visited in 2015 alone. Our travel and tourism industry employs over 580,800 people (approximately 5% of the entire workforce) and this vibrant industry contributes more than $47.5 billion towards the national economy each year.

Australia’s most popular tourist destinations are the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, along with natural highlights such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the Great Ocean Road.

Tourism Courses

Travel and tourism are one of Australia’s most competitive industries, so to get far in this sector you will need the backing of quality education. Whether your dream is to become a travel agent, resort manager or tour operator, you’ll find a tourism course to suit your needs right here, regardless of the study method you’re after; online or in class.


Certificate level travel and tourism courses provide a great introduction to the industry and are an ideal pathway into entry-level roles, such as travel consultant, online travel agent and tour desk consultant. These nationally recognised programs are best known for teaching a wide range of practical skills, for example, a Certificate II in Tourism teaches how to use industry software, prepare travel itineraries and providing quality travel advice.


Diploma level courses are a great fit for those interested in management roles as they provide knowledge in how to deliver high-level customer service, coordinate complex travel operations and will get you up to speed on the latest tools and technologies impacting the industry. With a Diploma of Tourism under your belt, you’ll be ready for roles including travel agent, tour operations manager and visitor information centre manager.

Bachelor Degree

If you are a tourism professional looking to upgrade your skills or have plans to start your own business, you’ll be well served by a bachelor degree, such as the Bachelor of Tourism. Not only will you learn the basics of tourism strategy, policy and management, but you’ll develop an in-depth knowledge of niche elements such as cultural and eco-tourism, both of which are aspects of the industry set to boom. By completing a bachelor degree you can expect to thrive in roles ranging from tourism manager to regional tourism coordinator.

Studying tourism through TAFE can come with plenty of benefits, as not only will you receive a wide range of support every step of the way, but both in-class and online study options are widely available across the country. Your credentials will also be widely recognised, whether you take hospitality courses in Sydney, a diploma of travel and tourism in Brisbane or a travel agent course online.

Career Prospects in Tourism

A career in Australia’s tourism industry is as close as you can get to a future-proof profession, because not only do we live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth but people will always be looking for tourist-friendly destinations to relax and unwind on holidays.

It’s expected that as many as 25,000 tourism professionals will be employed across the country within the next three years.

Is a Career in Tourism Right for You?

To do well in tourism you need to be the ultimate people person, because not only will you be dealing with people every day, but you’ll be helping them plan some of the most exciting and important highlights of their year.

You’ll need to be extremely organised, possess quality communication skills, and know a great deal about a wide variety of destinations, not to mention have a knack for getting people excited about their trips.

Tourism is also a great career choice for those that love to travel, as you will have the opportunity to live and work in some of the most beautiful parts of Australia and perhaps even overseas.

Are you ready to carve out a successful career in one of Australia’s most vibrant sectors? If so, you will love travel and tourism. Get your career off and running today by signing up for one of the many travel courses advertised here at tafecourses.com.au