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What is Nail Technology?

Considered to be part of the beauty industry, nail technology specialises in hand and feet treatments designed to keep nails healthy, happy and looking great. This can include conducting manicures and pedicures, applying artificial nails, and producing a wide variety of nail art to suit the wants and needs of your clients.

Nail technicians are also responsible for providing professional advice on treatments and products; using specialised tools and equipment, along with making bookings, processing payments, and maintaining accurate client records.

Nail Technology in Australia

Australia’s beauty industry is currently booming,  generating over $56 billion in 2016. There’s now close to 30,000 beauty professionals working across the country. The average working week is 40.4 hours long, with the mean age being 33 years old, and earning an average salary of $42, 276 per year.

Most of Australia’s Nail Technicians work in salons alongside other beauty professionals, where hours will often extend into evenings and weekends. Nail technicians also work in the tourism and hospitality industries, as every cruise ship, resort and boutique hotel these days offers a broad range of beauty treatments and services. So, the job opportunities are endless in this dynamic, and often fun industry.

Nail Technology Courses

No matter how talented you may be at making your hands and feet look great if you have your heart set on a career in nail technology a little training can go a long way. You’ll find nail and beauty courses to suit your style and personality right here at


One of the best ways to boost your skills while getting an introduction to the industry is by investing in a certificate level qualification through a nail technician course. These nationally recognised programs cover everything from professional-grade manicure and pedicure techniques to infection control practices, right through to the art of providing quality customer service. Many courses even include a work placement where you’ll accumulate some much-needed experience and make invaluable industry contacts.


If you’re dreaming of starting your own nail technology business or even stepping into management roles, a diploma course in nail art or nail care is a smart choice. These comprehensive programs extend beyond the basics of quality nail care and touch upon everything from the role of nutrition to the latest industry trends and the basics of business management. Apart from helping you to stand out from the crowd, a diploma provides a natural pathway towards higher level training opportunities, such as a bachelor degree.

Whether you’re looking for a nail technology course in Sydney, acrylic nail courses in Perth, or nail technician courses online, you can count on getting the skills, knowledge and confidence you need at TAFE.

Career Prospects in Nail Technology

Australian men and women have become far more interested in health and beauty treatments of late and this rapidly growing trend seem set to continue.

According to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as many as 36,000 beauty therapy professionals are expected to be working across the country by 2020, which means plenty of opportunities for new graduates.

Is a Career in Nail Technology Right for You?

Working as a nail technician can be a fun, exciting, and glamorous way to make a living; however, this challenging role certainly isn’t for everyone.

You will need to have a genuine passion for health and beauty, have a serious artistic streak, and be comfortable spending a whole lot of time with other people’s hands and feet. Having an up-to-date knowledge of the latest products and techniques is also a must, as your clients will be counting on you for a well-informed opinion.

Above all else, this is a job best suited for those who enjoy helping others, as you’ll get to play an integral role in helping people feel healthier, happier, and more confident in their daily lives. Are you ready to turn your love of nails into a fun and exciting career? If so, there has never been a better time to start. Polish up on your skills through a course in nail technology!