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About Digital Marketing Courses

A digital marketing course requires the completion of various course materials and modules to obtain certification and accreditation. The modules include:

  • Digital Marketing Foundations (such as digital landscape and content marketing)
  • Digital Marketing Channels (websites, Google Analytics, SEO, social media marketing)
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Planning and Management ( Marketing, Strategy, Planning, conversion and optimisation)
  • Privacy and Marketing Compliance

Obtaining these credit points will give you life long skills and qualifications in professional digital marketing in Australia and internationally.

Why Study Digital Marketing

The accelerating pace of technological change, combined with an increasingly mobile lifestyle has lead to the explosion of digital marketing and digital marketing platforms. This digital marketing course is ideal for marketing professionals who want to broaden their skill set but also for new prospective students who wish to build a foundation for their digital marketing knowledge base. It is a highly regarded course with the opportunity to specialise in many areas. This course will develop your skillset in a variety of ways such as:

  • Improving research and data analysis skills
  • Sharpening your communication
  • Strengthening your writing and editing
  • Building competency with kinds of different internet marketing tools (email marketing, social media marketing etc.)
  • SEO and SEM skills

and many more!

This course will aid in your professional development as a digital marketer by offering you a plethora of career opportunities in Australia (namely major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane). It will also give you the chance to improve your interpersonal and technical skills in a wide range of areas with guidance from our industry experts and digital marketing professionals.

Delivery Mode

We offer flexible online short courses and study options available through our login portal. The digital marketing courses include detailed learning materials, assessments, case study examples and online support and certification upon successful completion. A digital marketing course can be done on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your preference. An online course is an excellent way to build your digital marketing knowledge foundation for the same accreditation at university for only a fraction of the cost.