What is Architecture?

Architecture is all about dreaming up original concepts and producing detailed plans for their construction. This can include designing all manner of buildings, structures, and landscapes for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and recreational purposes.

This challenging role also involves liaising with engineers, builders, clients, and planning authorities, as well as carrying out periodic inspections on building work as it is being undertaken.

Architecture in Australia

There are currently around 26,000 architects working throughout Australia, most of whom work for the professional, scientific and technical services industries (85.4%).

Australia’s architects typically work during regular business hours in a traditional office setting and most are based in New South Wales (34%), Victoria (32.9%) and Queensland (14.2%).

The average work week is 41.7 hours long, 62.5% of Australia’s architects work full time, and the average salary is $64,376 P/A.

Architecture Courses

While natural talent and imagination certainly play an important role in this creative field, investing in a quality education is absolutely vital.

Whether you’re looking for introductory architecture courses, want to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture degree, or are a professional looking to upgrade your skills via online architecture courses, studying architecture in Australia is easy with the range of options available to suit anyone.


A great way to get a taste of what the industry has to offer is by investing in one of the many certificate courses in architecture. Not only will you develop a deep understanding of modern architectural design, from industry trends and zoning requirements to building materials, but you’ll sharpen your skills in communication, problem-solving, and technical drawing as well. Best of all, these popular architect courses can be completed in as little as 12-18 months.


Studying architecture at the diploma level will get you up-to-speed on the visual language and high-tech tools now being used throughout the industry, not to mention boost your ability to create original concepts, analyse their merits, and communicate them effectively. A diploma in architecture can also be a great stepping stone towards higher level architect courses, such as the widely respected Bachelor of Architectural Design.

Bachelor Degree

Those dreaming of a career as a registered architect will need to complete a bachelor architecture degree first. These comprehensive programs cover all aspects of modern design and architectural processes, from environmentally friendly materials and building information modelling systems through to all the laws and regulations involved throughout the entire process. You’ll also have the opportunity to design under the guidance of an industry expert and develop your network of professional contacts as well.

It’s also important to note that to be registered with the Australian Institute of Architects you will need to meet a wide variety of requirements, which includes completing an accredited bachelor level program and undertaking two years of practical work experience following your course completion.

Every course we advertise here has been designed by our partner providers to meet national standards, so whether you study architecture courses in Melbourne, take architectural design in Brisbane, or invest in architecture courses online, you will get a world-class education every time.

Career Prospects in Architecture

Considering that buildings, structures, and landscapes will always need to be developed and built, there will always be a need for skilled and qualified architects as well. In fact, according to the latest Australian Government data, the field of architecture has grown by a massive 7.6% over the past five years alone.

This vibrant industry is also tipped to experience strong growth over the next five years, with up to 29,000 architects expected to be working across the country by 2020.

Is a Career in Architecture Right for You?

To enjoy a successful career in architecture you need to have a creative flair, a mind for details and possess high-levelproblem-solvingg skills. You will also need to know a great deal about building materials, processes, and structures; after all, they will form the basis of your work on a daily basis.

The following skills and talents are also a must;

  • Critical thinking
  • High level math skills
  • Clear communication
  • Good time management
  • Social perceptiveness

If all this talk about architecture has you itching to get started, TAFE makes doing so easy. Simply find the architecture course that suits your style and schedule, sign up, and get your career off and running today!