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What is a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists, also called chemists, are responsible for providing the right medication and advice to members of the community to assist them in recovery, treatment and improving their health and wellbeing. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are very important positions in any community, providing much more than just the right medicines to patients. They also provide advice to help patients understand their conditions or illness and help create the right method of treatment. To become a Pharmacist requires plenty of patience, commitment and a caring nature.

Pharmacists are responsible for:

  • Answering questions and queries of patients
  • Providing quality advice and reassurance
  • Consulting with a range of other medical professionals, such as GPs
  • Promoting health practices
  • Providing a wealth of knowledge to help others understand conditions and symptoms
  • Explaining how to administer medicines and treatment plans
  • Preparing and updating prescriptions
  • Updating stock supplies

Are Pharmacy Technicians in Demand?

In Australia, pharmacy is a very strong-performing industry, as with all health sectors. It’s expected that up to 25,000 new positions will open in pharmacy through to 2020; opening plenty of career opportunities. Unlike most professions, pharmacists are needed everywhere, not just in and around capital cities, so positions in regional locations are also common. The average pharmacy technician salary is $44,000 compared to a Pharmacist salary of $66,000-$97,000. The variation in Pharmacy salary is based on qualification levels and training required to become a pharmacist.

How to Become a Pharmacist in Australia

No matter what your career goals, there’s plenty of pharmacy careers to suit. In Australia, to become a Pharmacist usually requires extra qualifications, training and registry with the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

To become a Pharmacist in Australia, you need to:

  • Complete a Bachelor or Master Degree in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Register with the Pharmacy Board of Australia
  • Take part in a Pharmacy internship for a year or more

If you’re looking at becoming a Pharmacy technician, this is a much easier position to enter; with a Diploma or Certificate course usually being the best way to enter this important role.

Careers in Pharmacy

If you have your heart set on a rewarding career in pharmacy, there’s plenty of areas you can choose to pursue. You can work in:

  • Hospital
  • Aged Care
  • Pharmacy or Chemist
  • Medical Research
  • Health Promotion
  • Retail Sales

Pharmacy Courses Online

There are plenty of avenues that can lead you to a career in pharmacy. From in-class study to pharmacy online courses; many providers in Australia can give you the flexibility you need. Pharmacy courses such as the Bachelor of Pharmacy can also include a work placement component, so you can use the knowledge you gain in a pharmacy, hospital or clinical setting. Pharmacy courses through TAFE are also a great option, with the Certificate and Diploma pharmacy courses popular choices among Pharmacy Technicians in Australia.

Certificate and Diploma Courses

A Certificate Pharmacy course, such as the Certificate III in Community Pharmacy can set you up with everything you need to start a career as a Pharmacy Technician or Sales Assistant. With a focus on the skills required to assist and support the community, you’ll have the ability to address the health concerns of patients and make recommendations. Whether you’re looking to do these pharmacy courses in Melbourne, or anywhere; you can learn how to operate sales, maintain stock, organise products and understand treatment and conditions.

Bachelor Degrees

A Bachelor of Pharmacy is required to become a registered Pharmacist in Australia. These Bachelor courses provide a comprehensive overview of pharmaceutical sciences, ensuring you can enter the field with the very best knowledge and abilities. These courses can be studied Australia-wide, with plenty of courses in pharmacy online available. Some of the areas you can study in this courses include drug development, medication review, diagnosing symptoms and legislation and practice.

Do you think you have the caring community-focused nature to succeed in this important role? Browse a range of in-class and online pharmacy courses today to find one that suits your needs and aligns with your career goals today!