Is your calling up in the skies? A course in aviation can help you achieve these lofty dreams.

See the world from a new perspective through an Australian aviation course, whether you’re looking to obtain a globally recognised Commercial Pilot Licence or wish to upskill as an already-experienced pilot, instructor or examiner.

The value of an aviation course

Aviation is integral to many aspects of modern-day life, such as travel, trade, air transport and defence. Pilots may find themselves flying passengers around the world, saving lives during natural disasters, or working in the extreme sports industry – with aviation training under your belt, your potential is limitless.

With the high level of skill and precision required, qualified individuals can enjoy a rich and rewarding career in the aviation industry. In a country as vast as Australia, the career opportunities are even greater, from working at the nationally-adored Qantas to transporting cargo between far-flung destinations. 

Some people are fascinated by flying but don’t actually want to become pilots. They should consider other aviation courses, such as TAFE certificates in flight operations and postgraduate qualifications, such as a graduate diploma or a master’s degree in aviation management.

Aviation course inclusions

An aviation course will cover all the essential components of safe and effective piloting. This includes risk management strategies and procedures, radio communications, flight planning, aviation law and practical experience relating to take-off, landing, fuel management and abnormal flight situations.

From this vast range of aviation courses, you may decide to specialise in an area such as navigation, instrument rating, aircraft mechanics, air law, aerodynamics and aviation business strategy, truly honing your craft. 

Depending on the level of education and pilot training you require, you may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Aviation or take one of the many short courses available across Australian TAFE campuses in Melbourne, Queensland or anywhere else in the nation. 

Aviation courses

From flight training to kickstart your career to part-time study options to upskill in your existing role, there are a number of aviation courses available to you. Some of these include: 

  • Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot LicenceAeroplane) 
  • Certificate III in Aviation (Remote PilotVisual Line of Sight)

    Entry requirements for higher education in avaition usually only include a satisfactory high school education.  

Aviation jobs

An aviation course can lead to roles in air traffic control, management, piloting, compliance, network analysis and more. Some of these roles include: 

  • Pilot
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Avionics Technician 
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Airline Flight Instructor
  • Operations Agent

From civilian to military career paths, a course in aviation allows you to explore a number of different avenues, all with stable career prospects and rewarding outcomes.