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Diploma of Counselling CHC51015

There is a growing need for people who can offer support services to adults and teenagers who may need support and guidance. If you have the desire to help people lead a happier life to reach their full potential, a career as a professional Counsellor...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Community Services Worker +3
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Diploma Of Counselling CHC51015

Embrace a rewarding career as a counsellor– a chance to make a meaningful and positive difference to people’s lives as well as a valuable contribution to society. The CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling offers participants a career that could see them givi...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Intake Worker +9
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Diploma of Counselling CHC51015

The CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling will teach you a range of therapy techniques that you can use to get the best result for your clients. It will also give you the skills necessary to communicate effectively, work within a case management framework, a...

Study Method Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Case Worker +2
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Diploma of Counselling CHC51015

Counsellors are well sought after and the need for a good counsellor is increasing day by day. With the increase in people needing counselling for various issues this is a sought after career and good counsellors are highly successful. If you have a pa...

Study Method Blended, Online
Location Anywhere
Job Outcomes Registered counsellor +4
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Anger, while a healthy reaction to certain situations, can be very unhealthy in excessive doses, especially when tolerance is low. It can lead to mental and physical problems, such as depression and high blood pressure, and dependence on alcohol or drugs. Anger management counselling courses, such as those offered by top education providers in Sydney, help counsellors establish the underlying causes and immediate triggers for anger, reduce the levels of arousal and work out effective treatment programs to ensure that anger stays within acceptable (healthy) limits.

Types of counselling courses in Sydney

There are many organisations that offer counselling courses in Sydney, such as the University of Western Sydney, which offers holistic counselling courses, including Master of Art Therapy, which consists of counselling and therapy skills to prepare students for careers as therapists in a range of healthcare settings. It also offers Master of Creative Music Therapy, Master of Occupational Therapy, Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Graduate Certificate in Counselling qualifications.

The University of Sydney offers Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling, Master of Rehabilitation Counselling and Master of Genetic Counselling courses.

The Jansen Newman Institute (JNI) offers a range of courses in Sydney, such as Counselling and Psychotherapy, Community Services and Human Resource Management. The counselling courses are aimed at practising psychologists in Sydney who wants to expand their fields of expertise, counselling and psychotherapy students and even people who just want to experience personal growth. Courses include Bachelor of Applied Science (Counselling), which is accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA); and Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, which also meets PACFA’s standards. JNI’s counselling courses are available online or at the Sydney campus.

Gestalt Therapy Sydney offers Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy and Master of Gestalt Therapy courses, which are accredited through the NSW Office of Higher Education, GANZ and PACFA.

The Hammond Institute of Holistic Counselling, based in Sydney, offers a range of PACFA accredited counselling courses, including Certificate IV in Counselling, Diploma of Counselling, Advanced Diploma of Counselling, and Vocational Graduate Diploma, as well as Grief Counselling, Crisis Counselling, Group Counselling and courses on addictions, eating disorders and parenting issues.

Counselling requires sensitivity, intuition and a natural ability to put people at ease. These are skills that can’t be taught through theory alone; which is why some of the best counselling courses in Sydney also include a practical training element. Practical experience allows students to hone the skills they’ll need to successfully help their clients. Practical experience also enables students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, for example, they could excel in group work, but struggle when working with communities. When you’re looking for a counselling course in Sydney, whether it’s online or classroom-based, full-time or part-time, find one that offers practical training – it might mean extra work, but you’ll appreciate it in the long-run. Browse our range of psychology courses.