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What’s in a name? Quite a lot really, especially if the name is fantastically self-explanatory like TAFE. Training and Further Education; it doesn’t get much simpler than that. One of the great things about TAFE courses is that simplicity doesn’t end with the name. TAFE in Australia is very popular because it simplifies the higher education system. This is because the entry requirements for a TAFE course aren’t as high as they are for undergraduate degrees. It’s also because TAFE is online and classroom-based, which provides students with a great deal of flexibility. Furthermore, TAFE courses in Australia provide pathways to undergraduate university degrees, which make degree programs accessible to more people. Finally, students have a great many options, from TAFE IT courses to beauty therapy. One of the best ways to find the courses you’re looking for is to use a TAFE portal, which will guide you to institutes that are open to TAFE students regionally, or nationally. Don’t underestimate the importance of TAFE for careers. Every qualification you earn shows your commitment and dedication to your job and your field.TAFE courses are structured in such a way that no matter what your previous education level you can work your way up to advanced qualifications and even university degrees. For example, you can start off with Certificate I in Engineering (with no admission requirements) and work your way up through the ranks to advanced TAFE diplomas and eventually end with a postgraduate engineering degree. This is fantastic news for people who, for whatever reason, never had the opportunity to study further after school.

7 Additional Benefits of TAFE in Australia

1) TAFE courses can be completed full-time part-time, which gives you the chance to keep on working while you study. This is perfect for people who are already established in their jobs but who would like to upgrade their skills either for their own satisfaction or with an eye toward promotion.It’s also convenient for people who want to change careers but who need to continue working to meet their financial obligations.Finally, this suits working people with families because they can structure their TAFE course around their lives rather than their lives around their studies.Study Time2) TAFE courses can be studied online. Obviously, this is difficult if you’re studying a trade, like plumbing, because it has a very strong practical element, but if this is the case, theory elements are often offered online with practical classes.3) TAFE courses are available everywhere in Australia. But really – everywhere. There are nationally recognised TAFE institutes in every single region in Australia from Perth in Western Australia to Cairns in Queensland. Even in places where there is only one institute, it usually has campuses or centres spread out so that students from all over can benefit from further education.For example, Charles Darwin University is the only TAFE course provider in Northern Territory, but it has campuses in Alice Springs, Jabiru, and Yulara.Browse here for TAFE courses in Sydney, Australia.Many TAFE institutes in Australia run their short courses according to a set schedule, but some courses can be arranged on demand. So, if a business wants to arrange for a short intro course on the latest version of Microsoft Excel or MYOB then that can generally be accommodated.Horticulture Therapist Happy5) TAFE courses are based on industry input, which gives them an edge over many university qualifications that may not fully prepare students for the work environment. It means that TAFE courses are able to provide theory and skills that are highly relevant to students’ fields and which can be used virtually immediately.6) Early TAFE qualifications, such as Certificate I and II, can be used as part of traineeship and apprenticeship programs. This provides valuable work experience for students who not only become familiar with their work environment but who also get something to put on the CVs when they qualify.7) TAFE courses are pathways to university degrees. TAFE courses are nationally (in some cases internationally recognised), so universities can use them as a yardstick to gauge the quality of prior learning. Many TAFE institutes in Australia have partnerships with universities that allow students to use their Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications to enter bachelor degree programs. TAFE diplomas and advanced diplomas will even take a year or two off the time it takes to earn the degree. Find info about TAFE in WA.Sydney University

Making TAFE Work For You

Don’t confuse simple with easy. Just because online and classroom-based TAFE courses are easily available in Australia (need we mention the nation-wide coverage again: Melbourne (TAFE in Vic), Hobart (Tasmania), Cairns (TAFE in QLD) doesn’t make them a walk in the park. They are designed to be challenging, so students need to approach them with the same determination, dedication, and motivation as they would a degree.