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What is a payroll course?

Payroll training covers any in-person or online course that helps bookkeepers or a payroll officer understand and utilise the variety of payroll processes out there. You may choose to do a course in a specific payroll program such as MYOB or Xero, or do a more general course, such as a diploma of payroll services, that will give you an overview of different business administration requirements.

When is a payroll course helpful?

Completing a payroll course is helpful for several reasons.

First, if you’re looking to become a tax agent, accountant, accounts clerk or any other financial professional, a course in payroll administration can give you a great jumping-off point to do further study. Alternatively, if you want to work full time in payroll management, the choice to enrol in a payroll course is almost compulsory, in that you need to complete some kind of payroll study.

Finally, if you work for a small business or want to own your own business, doing a course with a registered training organisation (RTO) is a brilliant way to make yourself invaluable. Understanding how a payroll function impacts the overall system and having the required skill set to use and complete payroll administration is a crucial part of any company, and small businesses with a payroll professional benefit massively. 


What will I learn in a payroll course?

Depending on the training organisation and the course content, you may learn about:

  • PAYG payroll systems
  • The difference between small business payroll systems and managing payroll requirements of a large corporation
  • How industrial relations impact pay and payroll decisions
  • How to do payroll when a place of employment offers superannuation and salary packaging
  • When and what the involvement of human resources is within the payroll system
  • Other helpful information about work, such as how to register as a BAS agent and the employment conditions payroll professionals can expect
  • Case studies and real-life examples so that you can go into the workforce feeling prepared

How to complete and view courses

Listed above are a range of payroll courses that can help you get started on your dream career! Each course has different units of competency, course materials, textbooks and entry requirements, so there’s something for everyone.

Many courses can be done full or part-time, and many can be completed online. That means you can complete a course based in Melbourne even if you live in NSW, or complete a course with a TAFE in Perth while living on the Gold Coast! 

Online courses also often allow students to study at their own pace, so you can still work, live and care for others while completing your training.

If you think a payroll course could be for you, then get started today!