Tafecourses.com.au promotes a range of MBA courses from nationally accredited universities and learning institutions in Australia, from Melbourne and Sydney to Cairns, Perth and Adelaide. Courses available include classroom-based and online or distance learning opportunities. Some of the reputable education providers that promote their MBA courses on Tafecourses.com.au include Charles Sturt University, Griffith University, and Deakin University Australia.

Their MBA course offerings include:

International Master of Business Administration from Griffith University. This particular MBA allows students to choose between several different areas of specialisation, such as finance, international business, and human resources management, among others.

Master of Business Administration (Computing) from Charles Sturt University. The degree prepares students for certification from important industry associations, including the Examination Institute for Information Science (EXIN), the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), and the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Certification Management Board (ICMB).

Master of Business Administration (International Hotel and Restaurant Management from Le Cordon Bleu Australia.

Master of Information Technology – Master of Business Administration (International) from Deakin University Australia. Study units for the dual qualification include IT project management, network computing, software development, and IT security, and international banking and finance, economics for managers, business strategy and analysis, and global trade and markets.

Master of Business Administration/Master of Marketing from Newcastle University’s Graduate School. The dual qualification provides students with knowledge and skills relating to finance, economics, organisational behaviour, marketing and management, time management, organisational change and development.

Most people only take MBA courses when they are already well on their way to establishing successful careers. The courses are intended to give their CVs and their skills a boost to facilitate their move upwards in their present employment or to help them find better jobs elsewhere.

Whatever your motives, completing an MBA degree will stand you in good stead in the highly competitive business world. So browse our selection of MBA courses and register now.