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What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are individual lashes attached along the lash line with a specific lash glue. Generally, they last about a month before touch ups are needed, or alternatively a new set of eyelash extensions put on. They give the effect of having false lashes on, and can replace waterproof mascara as they last in cold or warm water, as well as through exercise. Lash technicians can give clients a variety of choice, with everything from natural lashes to “russian volume”, as well as options for a full set or a half set. As new lashes have become available on the market, mink lashes, faux mink and synthetic lashes have flooded the market, leaving customers with more options than ever before. If done properly, natural eyelashes aren’t affected, and some people even see lash growth as clients don’t have to wear mascara and other eye makeup, as well as harsh makeup remover around the eye area.

Why should you study lash extensions?

Ideally, a course about lash extensions is done as an addition to a beauty therapy course. However, if you’re already qualified and looking to expand your skills, or want to find out eyelash extensions without committing to an entire beauty therapy course, then doing a course in lash extensions will teach you everything you need to know. Qualified lash technicians may find it easier to become employed, or start their own businesses in creating luscious lashes for clients for both special occasion situations and everyday, natural look eyelash sets.

What will I learn in a lash extension course?

In a lash extension course you may learn about:

  • The difference between a variety of lash materials
  • When false lashes vs. lash extensions are appropriate
  • What eye shape suits which application
  • When a new set is required, as opposed to a touch-ups
  • How to determine what lash look your client wants, and whether you’ll need further volume lashes
  • How to reassure and apply new lashes to first-time clients
  • What an allergic reaction looks like and how to treat the immediate aftermath
  • Eyelash extension care, including how clients should use an eyelash curler and look after their own lashes while wearing lash extensions

Where can a course in eyelash extensions take me?

Completing a course in eyelash extensions could see you working in a popular spa or beauticians, for a small independent salon or owning your own business. You could even work for healthcare organisations for clients with hair loss from alopecia or medical treatments.

If you’re interested in doing a course, check out our list of available courses above!