What is Training and Assessment?

Training and assessment is about passing on skills and knowledge relating to your field or speciality in a clear, concise and consistent manner. Not only will this ensure that students receive a high level of education, but also that they emerge ready to thrive in whatever role they’re being trained up for.

The value of a training and assessment course

Trainers and assessors typically work in corporate or vocational education settings, assessing the relevant units of competency. By completing a training and assessment course, you will become a fully qualified trainer capable of assessing competencies in a variety of settings.

Professionals with broad industry knowledge and the ability to provide assessment services are highly valued by employers and training providers, allowing you to enjoy strong job prospects. Completing a training and assessment qualification will equip you with a sound understanding of the Australian Vocational Education and Training industry as well as corporate training needs.

Training and assessment course inclusions

As part of a training and assessment course, you will focus on how to develop learning programs and training design based on units of competencies from national training packages, address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills, plan assessment activities and use assessment tools to participate in assessment validation.

With the choice of different elective units in addition to your core units, you can choose to specialise in specific subjects or industry areas.

The skill sets learned from such a qualification, such as how to use training packages and assess according to the relevant unit of competency, are also suitable for those involved in the delivery of training and assessment of competence in workplace environments. In fact, work skill instruction is a growing industry that offers exciting opportunities to those with broad industry knowledge.

Government subsidies and payment plans are typically available for these courses.

Training and Assessment Courses

There are a number of training and assessment courses on offer, with both face-to-face and online learning options being available.

You may choose to do these on a full-time or part-time basis at a TAFE, university or online institution. Typically, a Certificate III or higher is needed to excel as a trainer or assessor.

Some courses you may wish to consider include:

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management & Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

For those looking to upskill through a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training or similar, recognition of prior learning can also be sought out. In terms of entry requirements, a solid knowledge of the English language and numeracy are required.

Training and assessment jobs

There are a number of roles which involve assessing workplace and vocational competency. Some of these job titles include:

  • Enterprise Trainer and Assessor
  • TAFE Teacher
  • Training Advisor
  • Trainer at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Vocational Education Teacher
  • Workplace Trainer
  • Industry Trainer and Assessor