What is Sales?

As the name suggests, sales are all about selling items, ideally for the largest amount of profit possible. Sales professionals work closely with those in marketing and communications and can be involved in selling any product or service that you could possibly imagine to anyone willing to buy them.

Traditionally, sales took place via in-person interactions; however, over the years mail-order and telephone-based sales also became common. Nowadays, an increasingly large percentage of all sales are made online.

This massive industry consists of a wide variety of roles, including the following;

  • Customer Service
  • Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Assistant
  • Telemarketer
  • Field Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager

Sales in Australia

The sales industry is one of Australia’s largest and most influential realms; in fact, online sales alone exceeded $20 billion in 2016.

There are over 10,000 telemarketers, 34,000 customer service managers, and 90,000 sales representatives currently working across the country, most of whom work regular business hours in office settings and retail environments.

Rates of pay vary dramatically depending on your role and level of experience; for example, sales assistants make around $41,000, customer service managers bring home $61,568 each year, while sales managers earn an average of $102,594.

Courses in Sales

Whether you’re a recent school leaver looking to change careers, or a sales professional interested in upgrading your skills, you’ll find sales courses to meet your unique needs here at tafecourses.com.au.

Some Sales courses that are available, include:

  • Certificate IV in Business Sales
  • Certificate IV in Customer Engagement
  • Sales Short Courses


Certificate level courses are an ideal choice for those looking to learn the basics because whether you’re interested in learning about digital marketing, customer engagement, or business to business sales, you can get the skills and knowledge you need in as little as 6-12 months. These nationally recognised sales courses are ideal for those looking to step into entry-level roles and can be a great stepping stone towards higher level learning as well.


If you’d like to climb the corporate ladder a little faster, give your small business an edge or perhaps even take on management roles, consider investing in a diploma. Not only will this take your communication, analysis, and problem-solving skills to a whole new level, but you’ll seriously enhance your knowledge of business, finance and branding as well. You’ll also get trained in the latest tools and technologies impacting modern sales, such as data mining, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

Bachelor Degree

Are you ready to take your sales skills even further? If so, consider a bachelor degree. A Bachelor of Business (Marketing) is a popular choice for sales professionals, allowing you to master the finer details of planning and implementing successful sales strategies as well as learning how to manage a sales team more effectively. These comprehensive programs also cover solutions development, product positioning, value propositions, and of course, the art of closing a sale. Best of all, you’ll graduate ready to thrive in roles with higher pay and greater responsibility, such as sales director or business development manager.

Explore our range of sales courses right here, with a selection of in-class and online sales training courses, ranging from basic customer service programs to in-depth sales management courses. Regardless of your choice, each course has been designed according to the Australian Qualifications Framework, so your credentials will be recognised right across the country.

Career Prospects in Sales

As long as businesses continue to sell products and services, there will always be a need for talented sales professionals to help those products and services stand out from the crowd.

Australia’s sales industry is expected to experience strong growth over the next five years, particularly among sales representatives who are tipped to number more than 107,400 by the year 2020.

Is a Career in Sales Right for You?

Spending every day trying to sell people things takes a special kind of person, as not only is this a high-pressure job, but it also requires someone who is persuasive, confident, determined, and highly skilled in the art of communication.

To do well in sales you will need to genuinely enjoy working with people and possess truly exceptional organisational skills while being good at networking and making friends will certainly help as well. Are you ready to throw your hat into the ring and join the ranks of Australia’s sales professionals? If so, why not start right now? Just find your course, sign up, and get your sales career off and running today!