What is Public Relations?

Often referred to simply as PR, the field of public relations is all about effective communication, usually on behalf of a business, organisation, or government.

It involves a planned and sustained attempt to get a favourable message across to a target audience and can include communications spanning everything from television commercials and press releases to social media postings.

A career in public relations can include any of the following roles;

  • Public Relations Officer
  • Publicity Agent
  • Information Officer
  • Journalist
  • Media Officer

Public Relations in Australia

Australia’s public relations industry includes approximately 21,500 PR professionals, roughly 1 in 5 of whom are members of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). The majority of our public relations workers are employed in New South Wales (45.5%), followed by Victoria (19.9%) and Queensland (15%).

The average income for PR professionals varies based on their role and responsibilities; however, the average salary for public relations officers in Australia right now is $88,903, and the average workweek is 40.9 hours long.

Public Relations Courses

To thrive in public relations, you need a broad range of skills and knowledge, as well as a whole lot of confidence, as you’ll have to be ready to perform at your best on short notice and under extreme pressure. Finding a public relations course to suit your schedule is easy, with many courses having an online option to make it easier to improve your knowledge, while juggling previous commitments.


If you’re new to the industry and looking to learn the basics of public relations, a certificate in public relations will provide you with the solid foundation of knowledge needed to thrive in this industry. Whether you want to polish up your public speaking skills, master the art of dealing with the media, or elevate your writing abilities from novice to natural, these nationally recognised training courses are a fantastic choice.


A diploma in public relations provides the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of PR, making them a great fit for those looking to advance beyond entry-level roles. Here you will learn the art of campaign management, become a master of messaging and get up to speed on the latest communication tools, often in less than two months.

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor courses are a great fit for those dreaming of high-level PR roles, such as working for large corporations or even federal governments. A public relations degree can take up to four years to complete and will cover all aspects of effective communication, from protecting the reputation of your clients to campaign development and strategic planning initiatives.

Industry Career Prospects

With the world now more interconnected than ever before, having the ability to create, maintain, and control your messaging has never been more important. As a result, public relations have become a central focus for any public-facing enterprise, with everyone from not-for-profits and banks to sporting teams and celebrities now utilising the services of PR experts.

Over the past five years, Australia’s public relations industry has grown by an average of 5% each year, and as many as 22,500 PR professionals are expected to be working across the country by 2018.

Is a Career in Public Relations Right for You?

A career in public relations certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, as the reputation of an entire organisation will often be resting squarely on your shoulders. However, those who are quick on their feet, organised, and skilled in the art of problem-solving will be in their element.

You’ll also need a knack for dealing with a diverse range of people and have exceptional communication skills across all mediums. Staying up to date on the latest in current affairs is also a must, as you never know when an opportunity may arise or when a fire may need to be put out. The key to public relations is to be proactive, as opposed to reactive, so the aim is to be on top of any issues before they arise, to minimise their impact and exposure.

Think you have what it takes to succeed in public relations? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Simply compare the many great public relations course options, choose the one that ticks all your boxes, and start your study today!