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Information technology has become an integral part of our working as well as private lives. Having a broad knowledge of information technology will benefit you, as you will be well versed with the administration and operations systems in today’s organisations.

IT Courses in Adelaide

  • Diploma of Computing and Information Technology is a program that provides the basis for further study in areas such as computing, information technology, multimedia and software engineering. The program will introduce you to the key skills required to be an IT professional.
  • Bachelor of Business Information Technology teaches students a range of necessary skills in information technology, together with a sound business background for anyone who wants to start their own company in Adelaide. The first year will include core courses in accounting, economics, statistics, and computer science. In the second and third years, students will be taught in the areas of electronic commerce, computer systems, software engineering, networks and data communications. Potential careers are available in the development, implementation and management of business information systems. Job opportunities include business analyst, IT manager, information and communications technologist, computer scientist, business data analyst, or information analyst.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Games and Entertainment Design) will appeal to those with an interest in computer graphics programming and the design aspects of multimedia, as well as the wider area of information ‘visualisation’.  Job opportunities are available in multimedia and web-based companies, as well as games development.
  • Certificates I, II, III and IV in Information Technology, all build on each other and are aimed at transferring the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective in a range of IT support roles within Sydney organisations. You will learn to determine client expectations and needs, automate processes, develop and present a feasibility report, create technical documentation, locate equipment, solve system and software faults, manage simple projects, install and configure an operating system, and maintain an ethical code of conduct.
  • Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) will teach you to build an Intranet, configure an internet gateway, develop system design plans, prepare disaster recovery and contingency plans, design and build an enterprise local area network, install and maintain valid authentication processes, and troubleshoot and resolve networking problems for large and small businesses in Sydney.
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) teaches a broad range of skills in software development. Students will do hands-on practicals in web development, using XHTML and JavaScript, a desktop application using C#.NET and Java with business and game-based projects, database skills using SQL, MySQL and Oracle training, and systems analysis and design using Object Orientated approach with UML, Requisite Pro and Rational Rose.
  • Certificate/Diploma of Information Technology (Multimedia), both courses are focused on teaching a broad range of skills in design and multimedia productions and websites. You will learn to integrate database with websites, capture and download images, image editing and manipulation, 2D animation programming, 3D modelling and animation, audio recording and editing, video production, video post-production and special effects, and how to manage complex multimedia projects.
  • Diploma of Information Technology (Website Development) will teach you to use cascading style sheets (CSS), file transfer protocol (FTP), visual and interface website design techniques, web authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, image and graphics manipulation using Adobe Photoshop CS3, PHP programming and database integration with SQL, website documentation and planning, and IT project management.

IT is a diverse field that opens a lot of doors professionally-speaking. IT courses in Adelaide will give you a peek behind some of those doors. Of course, it’s up to you to work hard for your TAFE qualification or degree in IT so that you can actually stride through with confidence and get some cushy IT jobs in Adelaide. Find out more about the classroom-based and online IT courses in Adelaide and register now to begin a bright new career.