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What is Design?

Design is all about thinking up creative new ways to approach a problem and bringing those innovative ideas to life. It is the process of developing solutions that combine both functional and aesthetic properties and can apply to everything from products, services and processes to systems, experiences and environments.

Designers can choose to focus on one key area of design or develop designs for a broad range of industries. The following are a few of the many fields that fall within the realm of design;

  • Architecture
  • Computing
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Property
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Urban Planning

Design in Australia

Australia’s designers work in a wide range of creative industries, which together span over 125,000 registered businesses. According to Australian Government data, the creative sector contributes $86.7 billion towards the national economy and total exports are worth in excess of $3.2 billion annually.

The majority of Australia’s design professionals are employed in Melbourne and Sydney and most design jobs earn above the national average salary. For example, a landscape designer can make an average of $82,427 per year, a graphic designer will earn around $64,391 while Interior Designers bring home $78,599.

Design Courses

While it is true that many designers are born with a serious dose of natural talent, every designer needs the backing of a quality education to reach their full potential.

Regardless of what your design goals and dreams are, TAFE has the training you want and need, from interior design courses in Melbourne and creative design degrees in Brisbane to all manner of design programs online.


Certificate level programs can be completed in anywhere from 6-12 months and cover everything from interior design and landscape architecture to graphic design courses. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of design as they relate to your chosen speciality and graduate ready to step into a wide range of entry-level roles. Most areas covered by these certificate design courses are essential in developing the skills needed to enter the workforce with confidence, including the development of projects and briefs, industry practices and how to meet brief requirements. Some certificates offer in-studio work placements, and students can access state-of-the-art equipment and technology across a wide range of design principles.


Diploma programs are a fantastic choice for those looking to step into higher level roles, as they cover all the core basics of design and allow you to develop your own portfolio under the guidance of an expert. If you’re still unsure whether you want to develop your expertise in graphic design, interior design or focus on digital; a Diploma of Design is perfect for you. These courses focus instead on the actual practices of obtaining a brief, developing a project outline, implementation and consulting with clients. Everyone from high school graduates to professionals working in the field will benefit from diploma courses.

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor degree programs are perfect for those dreaming of a career with an international design company, as well as for those interested in starting their own creative design business. A bachelor degree will cover everything from the art of concept creation and the core principles of design through to the latest innovations in design techniques, materials and technologies.

Studying design through TAFE comes with a huge array of benefits, as not only will you be taught by skilled and knowledgeable professionals but you will find both in-class and online study opportunities. Better yet, whether you study interior design on the Gold Coast, learn graphic art in Sydney or take interior design courses online your credentials will be recognised Australia-wide.

Career Prospects in Design

You won’t find many careers more future-proof than design; after all, it’s all about coming up with new ways to improve the world around us.

The push towards greener technologies has dramatically boosted demand for environmentally friendly designs, while sectors ranging from aged care and computer sciences to digital marketing and urban planning need talented designers like never before.

Technological advancements such as 3D printing, wearable smart technologies and the internet are now opening more opportunities for up-and-coming designers to show what they can do.

Is a Career in Design Right for You?

If you live, breathe and think outside the box you will do well in design, as this is a profession that requires creative solutions constantly.

You will need the ability to view a problem from more than one angle, be extremely detail-oriented and have a keen sense for how design impacts user experience, while quality communication skills are a must. Regardless of how much of a creative genius you may be, you’ll also need to have the discipline to get your work done on time and on- budget.

Your average day will be spent in an office setting either sketching out design ideas or developing them on a computer and there’ll be plenty of time spent meeting with clients to ensure that you are on the same page.

Think you’ve got what it takes to carve a path to success in design? Let’s get you started then, shall we? Check out the wide range of programs advertised at, choose one to suit your style and schedule, and start sharpening those design skills of yours today.

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