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Your Own Photography studio

If you’re going the studio route, you’ll need to add some small business management courses to your photography curriculum as running your own company is more difficult than you might think. For example, you might know what photography equipment you need to succeed as a commercial photographer, but do you know what insurance cover your studio will need or what documents and licenses the city of Brisbane require before you can officially open your doors?

Study Photography in Brisbane

And maybe you know what lighting is best for maternity photos, photographs of pets and outdoor wedding photography but do you know what permissions photographers need to take photos in certain locations in Brisbane or even how to structure your photography rates?

Many formal photography qualifications, such as diplomas or degrees, include courses in studio management and freelancing. But if you’re taking individual photography courses then you might need to look around for small business management and administration courses from distance learning or online schools in Brisbane. These courses will teach you things like preparatory market research, choosing a niche, choosing a location, writing a business plan, setting goals, financing the business, finding proper business insurance and marketing your photography studio.

The doors are open, now what?

From your business courses you’ll have learnt valuable marketing skills, which you should have applied prior to your launch. After the big opening, however, you’ll need to adapt your marketing and advertising strategies to seasonal demands and industry trends.

You’ll also need to build up your collection of photography equipment, not just cameras and lenses, but also lighting, printing and developing equipment, and photo editing software.

Never underestimate the importance of continual professional development. Sign up for a variety of photography courses from different schools, attend classes, seminars and workshops hosted by industry associations and organisations, and join photography clubs in Brisbane and greater Australia. Club membership will allow you to network with other amateur and professional photographers in Brisbane, share tips and learn photography lessons vicariously.

Photography Associations

Join associations such as the Australian Photography Association, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Australian Accredited Professional Photographers, Australian Commercial and Media Photographers, Australian Photographic Society and even the Federation of Camera Clubs. These associations will give you some much-needed credibility in the competitive photographic industry, provide ample networking opportunities and also offer ongoing development courses. offers a range of photography courses in Brisbane, from studio practice to freelance photography for aspiring baby, real estate and bridal photographers.