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We’ve all admired them: the photographs of the hummingbird frozen above a flower; the close-up of the ant carrying a leaf on a tree; the underwater shot of the bear fishing for salmon. Many people are inspired enough by these photos to buy cameras, lenses and assorted equipment and sign up for photography courses in Adelaide, but few will actually become successful wildlife photographers.

The reason for this is simple; wildlife photography takes much more than high-tech equipment and a handful of courses. It takes dedication, patience, discipline and a willingness to sacrifice creature comforts and rough it for long periods of time. Another reason is that the field is very competitive and demand is somewhat limited.

Bearing all that in mind, don’t dismiss the value of photography courses. You will need to know all about lighting, colour, composition, camera types, and lenses and how to set up a blind before you can become a professional photographer. Wildlife photography courses will also provide information on how best to capture images of animals, for example, don’t stand downwind, as well as give you some unwritten advice, such don’t interfere with the animals.

If you want more than the basic information and tips that photography courses provide, you can register for a photography diploma or degree from one of the schools in Adelaide. Photography diplomas and degrees offer more in-depth courses on techniques and equipment and specialisations in wildlife, nature, and commercial photography (wedding, portrait, real estate landscape), as well as how to become a professional freelance photographer and manage your small business in Adelaide.

Many successful wildlife photography professionals advise young hopefuls to set themselves up as commercial photographers first and resign themselves to wedding photos, baby and family portraits, glamour shots and product placements and events in Adelaide. This is because it takes a while to establish a reputation as a wildlife photographer and start earning a decent living. In fact, they warn that you might never earn a decent living as a freelance wildlife photographer and so will have to offer a range of photography services.

Of course, you may not want to become a professional photographer. You might simply want to sign up for courses because photography is a hobby and all you want to do is take photos of the birds in your garden, the dogs playing in the park and the fish in your pond. offers a range of photography courses in Adelaide, including freelance photography.