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One of the first rules of photography courses will teach you (before you learn that it is possible to break all rules) is the rule of thirds. Very simply, visualise your intended picture as a grid with nine equal squares. Place your subjects along the lines. This will give your photo balance.

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Another ‘guideline’ about balance is to place your main subject off-centre but be wary of creating a void. You can use the background to fill the void but then you want to be careful that the background isn’t too busy. So, if one of your photography course assignments requires you to take photos of the upside down statue of Charles La Trobe, which is one of the most famous landmarks in Melbourne, you could position it in the lower left corner of the frame and balance it with a tree in the background or the expanse of lawn and park benches.

Study Photography in Melbourne

Speaking of background, you want to keep it as simple and uncluttered as possible. The background should never detract from the main focus of your photo. This also means that you shouldn’t have too many areas of focus. Stick to one main subject and one lesser subject. Photography courses will teach you how to manipulate viewpoints, angles so that you can get a great shot of the Arts Centre Melbourne without losing it against the surrounding buildings.

In addition to all the artistic tips for great composition, you also need to consider your equipment, such as the lenses. The lens you use depends on what you want to achieve with a particular photograph. Wide angled lenses will include a lot of backgrounds so you’ll need to think carefully about the balance and weight of your subjects. Telephoto lenses have a narrower focus and will make your subject stand out more.

There are many more elements of composition that photography courses in Melbourne will cover that can be applied to all subject matter (weddings, family photos, pet portraits, landscapes, architecture), including lines, shapes and patterns, framing, foreground, contrast and cropping. offers a variety of photography courses in Melbourne, including short courses, online courses and classes that are suitable for all photographers, from professional glamour and event photographers to hobbyists who just want to improve their skills with a digital camera so they can join a couple of photography clubs.